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Outdoor Wood Furnaces - Boilers - Stoves - Hydronic Heaters -

Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves also known as boilers, furnaces or hydronic heaters are the least expensive and most economical way to heat in the winter months. Energy efficient with readily available renewable resources makes it the number one choice for many consumers.

Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves are made to be located outdoors near fuel storage, keeping the mess outside. Underground tubing is ran from the stove to the building(s). Virtually any existing heating system can be converted into heating with a Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stove. You have the option to heat your home, garage, hot water, shop and greenhouse.

The traditional style Crown Royal Outdoor Coal Burning Stoves are available in four models equipped with shaker grates. The shaker grates make it easy to burn coal. With capabilities to heat multiple buildings, these four models range from 2,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet.

Also included in the Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stove line is EPA Phase 2 Qualified wood burning gasification models. These three models range from 2,000 – 10,000 square feet. Our larger model is one of the biggest EPA approved stoves on the market today.

Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves are used in numerous applications such as heating homes, garages, shops, farms, greenhouses, swimming pools, and commercial buildings. Call us for all the outdoor wood furnace info you need. 

The Crown Royal Stoves come in nine models and will provide hot water for heating domestic hot water, hot air duct systems, water baseboards, radiant floor heat, unit heaters, hot tubs, pools, greenhouses and other existing hydronic systems. If you have the need to heat multiple buildings, the Crown Royal Stoves - Outdoor Furnaces are your choice for premium heating.

The Crown Royal Stoves - Outdoor Wood, Coal & Corn Furnaces are a non pressurized system designed to be located virtually next to your firewood storage for convenience and is normally filled once or twice a day, depending on the temperature outside. The firebox and outer drum is a round design, with the shaker grates and ash pan built into the unit for easy cleaning and longer burn times.

GreenTech Manufacturing inc. proudly presents Crown Royal Stoves - Outdoor Wood, Coal & Corn Furnaces. Our line of outdoor wood furnaces are able to burn wood, coal & corn and are constructed out of 10 gauge 409 AL Titanium enhanced stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance and heat transfer possible. Made to withstand the roughest climates, the Crown Royal Stoves are one of the most efficient ways to heat your premises.


We Know The Cold

Based out of International Falls, Minnesota, which is known as "The icebox of the nation", our temperatures plummet as low as  -40°F during the winter season. Each Crown Royal Stove we manufacture is rigidly tested to push the limits of what is possible, producing one of the most efficient & reliable furnaces on the market, backed by a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Manufactured 100% in the USA, Crown Royal Stoves are designed to dramatically reduce emissions with the aid of an advanced air delivery system, reducing your carbon footprint and exceeding EPA standards.

Our design goal is to give you years of service and to make the unit easy to maintain and operate. We are committed to building the best performing and longest lasting outdoor furnaces on the market, which is why every unit we manufacture is UL 391, UL 726 & CSA B366.1 certified, and comes with a Twenty Year Limited Workmanship Warranty as well as a Twenty Year Limited Corrosion Warranty.