The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Crown Royal Stoves are manufactured by Greentech Manufacturing.  Based out of International Falls, Minnesota, which is known as "The icebox of the nation", our stoves have undergone some of the toughest winter conditions possible.  Greentech Manufacturing has grown from only offering traditional style models to expanding into the market of high efficiency stoves that are EPA Qualified. We have also developed a line of Air Handlers and Unit Heaters known as Precision Metal product. We proudly bring you American Made products at competitive prices. 

  • New Dealer Incentives - New dealer packages include discounted pricing for increased margins, trade show & open house support, advertising & marketing support, sales leads generated from our national marketing plans, and sales & installation training.
  • Advantages - As a family owned and operated business we will take the time to learn and your business. Understanding who you are and how your business runs will help us learn where our product lines fit best and how we can help you succeed. As a dealer you will receive individualized training and support from our staff. Selling in today’s market has been very challenging; we have developed dealer pricing to give you greater profit margins that you need to succeed. To complement our furnaces, we also manufacture a full line of hydronic unit heaters and air handlers, and offer a full line of plumbing and heating supplies necessary to complete any installation.
  • Dealerships - Authorized dealerships will receive individualized training and support throughout our working relationship. Dealers will be given protective territories that are based on population, geographic makeup and dealers marketing efforts. Authorized dealers must offer after purchase support including installation services and any servicing issues that may arise for the life time of the stove. We do not allow any internet sales because the consumer will not receive proper instruction on installation and necessary maintenance for the furnace.
  • Marketing - Greentech Manufacturing will purchase annual tradeshows/fairs throughout the year. Based on geographic location of the attendance, dealers will be invited to participate in the shows to pursue sales. When available, we offer sales support to any dealer that requests help at shows/fairs. Greentech Manufacturing also offers co‐op advertising credits to be used in efforts to offset advertising costs acquired from shows/fairs, print publications, radio and television advertising.
  • Responsibility - New dealers will be required to make an initial purchase of furnaces and maintain an adequate number of displays on location at all times. Marketing efforts are required to be sustained in your protected territories and include: Attending tradeshows/fairs to display and promote Crown Royal Stoves; Maintain a minimum amount of stoves and parts to adequately sell and service furnaces sold; Attend factory training provided by Greentech Manufacturing; Advertise with print publications, radio, and/or television advertising. 


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