Wood Burning Best Practices!



 Save money and reduce air pollution's can be easy when learning the Do's and Don'ts.

Burn the Right Wood - Burn only dry seasoned firewood. Firewood with 20% or less moisture content will burn hotter which cuts fuel consumption and reduces smoke from your wood furnace.

Firewood types - When choosing your firewood it is best to choose hardwoods. Hardwoods have greater density then softwoods and deliver greater efficiency based on volume.

Use Kindling - When starting a fire use kindling and clean dry newspapers.  Kindling should be placed in layers and in alternating directions.

Clean Regularly - Clean out all ashes from stove on a regular basic.  Excess ashes will clog the air intake vents and reduce air supply which increases air pollution's.    

Inspect Chimney - Regular inspection and cleaning of chimney ensures good drafting and prevents chimney fires.

Chimney Extensions - When necessary adding chimney extensions will ensure proper draft and smoke dispersal.

Do not burn garbage, plastic, or treated wood.  Burning these will release toxic chemicals tat are harmful and potentially damage your furnace.

Do not start or fuel the fire with flammable materials including chemicals, gasoline, naphtha, or  engine oil.

Do not let fire smolder. A smoldering fire will create smoke and reduce efficiency as well as creosote build-up.

Do not oversize or undersize your furnace. Choosing the appropriate size furnace will ensure that your operating at peak efficiency.


Renewable Energy Resource - Wood heat is a natural, renewable resource that can be replenished by nature.  Trees grow by absorbing energy from the sun.  During the process of burning wood this stored energy is then released into the air.

Wood Heat History - Wood heat is the oldest heating method known to mankind and is essential heat source in many homes. In the United States alone, 2.4 million Americans burn wood as their primary heating fuel.

Moisture Meters


Moisture meters are a great way to measure how dry your firewood is.