Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves also known as boilers, furnaces or hydronic heaters are the least expensive and most economical way to heat in the winter months. Energy efficient with readily available renewable resources makes it the number one choice for many consumers.Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stoves are made to be located outdoors near fuel storage, keeping the mess outside. Underground tubing is ran from the stove to the building(s). Virtually any existing heating system can be converted into heating with a Crown Royal Outdoor Burning Stove.

The Crown Royal Pristine line consist of two models that use the newest technology called gasification, Gasification furnaces are designed to achieve the highest efficiency ratings possible with extremely low emissions. The Crown Royal Pristine outdoor wood boilers are designed to burn dried wood and are able to be installed in areas with the strictest emission laws. The Crown Royal Pristine line are EPA Phase 2, white tag qualified and can be found listed in the EPA website for qualified hydronic heating systems.

Features & Advantages


  • Less wood consumption, saving you more money.
  • Improved, smoke free combustion for a clean burn.
  • Thermal & energy efficiency with fewer emissions providing environmentally responsible heat.
  • Reliable design, giving you convenient, time saving feature including easy maintenance & extended burn times.
  • Refires automatically, when needed, to maximize & control energy use and heat delivery.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using a renewable heat source and become carbon neutral.


  • 409 Stainless Steel Firebox & Water Jacket: Developed to withstand the high temperatures of gasification, 409 Stainless Steel ensures the best corrosion resistance, maximum heat transfer and strength needed for the firebox and water jacket.
  • Digital Control Panel: The illuminated digital control panel was designed to be simple to use and read.
  • Firebrick Refractory: Durable and custom deigned to withstand, and store, heat used in gasification process to achieve low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency.
  • Easy Maintenance: Insulated front and rear heat transfer doors provide you with easy access to the heat transfer tubes for general cleaning.
  • Water Level Indicator: Easy to read water level indicator will keep you informed with additional water must be added.
  • Stainless Steel Chimney: Equipped with Class A insulated stainless steel chimney and can be easily extended with needed.


  1. Firebox Door: Extra large, insulated door for easy fuel loading. Equipped with our signature, double safety, latch handle system.
  2. Primary Burn Chamber: Large sealed firebox chamber door allowing wood to burn only when air is introduced.
  3. Air Delivery Tubes: Designed to distribute, preheated, outside air, evenly within the firebox.
  4. Secondary Combustion Chamber: Exhaust gases from firebox are injected, with air, to achieve temperatures up to 2,300ºF and 99% fuel combustion.
  5. Secondary Combustion Chamber Door: Wide insulated door provides access to the secondary combustion chamber for cleaning.
  6. Heat Transfer Tubes: Strategically placed in the water reservoir to transfer heat to the water, assisting in achieving high efficiency and low emissions.
  7. Heat Transfer Doors: Large Insulated doors for easy access to clean heat transfer tubes.
  8. Stainless Steel Flue: Compared to conventional flue exhausts which have temperatures of 800ºF - 1000ºF, our Pristine Series has a flue exhaust as low as 280ºF.

EPA Phase 2 Qualified

Crown Royal Stoves, Pristine Series, were designed with he highest required standards in mind.  Our EPA Phase 2 Qualified stoves are one of the cleanest burning units available.








Est Weight (lbs)












Wood Length



Chimney Size



Door Size

 20" x 20"

22" x 26"

Supply Size

 2 1-1/4"

2-1 1/4"

Return Size

 2 1-1/4"

2-1 1/4"

Water Capacity

 290 gal.

400 gal.

Fan Capacity

 150 cfm

150 cfm

Approx. Sq. Ft.

 4,000 - 5,000

7,000 - 8,000

Approx. BTU's



Insulation Walls

 R 30

R 30

Insulation Roof

 R 40

R 40

409 Stainless Steel




 Simple maintenance is required to keep your Pristine Series furnaces burning as efficient as possible.

Step One: Cleaning of the secondary burn chamber is recommended weekly. Simply use the rake (included) making a few sweeps through this area will prevent build up of fine ashes.


Step Two: Biweekly cleaning is recommended of both horizontal and vertical heat transfer tubes to prevent build up of fly ashes. This can easily be done with the flexible wipe that is included with each model.  Easy access to heat transfer tubes is easily achieved through the over sized large doors located in the front and back of the stove.

Image Gallery


Heat Transfer Tubes


Secondary Combustion Chamber


Back Access Panel


Digital Control Panel


Burn Chamber & Air Tubes

Included Accessories:


Ash Rake: Easily clean the fly ash in the secondary combustion chamber.


Air Tube Cleaning Whip: Equipped with drill adapter, this 5' flexible road will ensure your furnace is clean and running at peak performance.


Water Level Indicator: Reliable mean of maintaining an accurate level of water in your furnace at all times.