Installation Parts

Authorized Dealers of Crown Royal Stoves are educated on all the necessary parts needed to complete your installation. Contact your local dealer today!

Underground Tubing 

Choosing quality insulated underground tubing is necessary to complete any installation. There are several types of tubing available on the market today.  There are several different deciding factors to evaluate before purchasing.


 Air Handlers 

Precision Metal Air Handlers offer ultimate flexibility to convert hot water into forced air heat.  Air Handlers components include 3-4 speed direct drive motor, blower unit, optional thermostat, water to air heat exchanger, and filter all place with in a custom build painted cabinet. These furnace style units can be installed up flow, down flow and horizontal positions.  Install easily to any new or existing duct work for quiet ultimate heating capacity.  


Unit Heaters

Precision Metal unit heaters are ideal for garage, shops, greenhouses, and workshops. These units are typically hung and are used for areas needing quick recovery with forced air.


Water to Air Heat Exchangers

Water to air heat exchanger may be installed into an existing electric or gas furnaces duct work, therefore using the furnace blower to circulate the heat from the heat exchanger through the duct work of your building.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchangers are mainly used with applications involving in-floor radiant heating and domestic hot water.  Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers come in numerous sizes that offer multiple btu ranges for any application needed.


Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

Tube and Shell Heat exchangers are available in Stainless steel and titanium. Specially designed heat water from swimming pools and hot tubs. Tube and Shell heat exchangers come in a variety of sizes for different size applications.



Pumps are necessary on all installations of Crown Royal Stove.  Choosing quality, dependable and reliable products are crucial in all installations.  We recommend using Bell  & Gosset pumps they are a competitively priced.


Cloverleaf Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Custom made Stainless Steel Chimney caps eliminate downdraft problems, creates better burns and keeps rain and snow out. Available in 6" and 8" Diameters.