Heating a home with wood is the oldest heating method known to mankind

... and is an essential heat source in many homes. In the United States alone, 2.5 million Americans burn wood as their primary heating fuel. An additional 9 million household’s use wood as a secondary heating fuel.

Renewable Energy Resource

Wood is a natural, renewable resource that can be replenished by nature, unlike electric, oil and gas.

Wood Is Carbon Neutral 

Carbon Dioxide is released into the air when fuels (wood, oil, natural gas, propane, etc.) burn. New and old trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. Oil, natural gas and propane have no new life to absorb the carbon dioxide it originally released.

carbon neutral wood heat

Heating with an Outdoor Wood Furnace is Affordable

Wood is one of the most affordable ways to heat. Heating with wood in your outdoor wood furnace will save you money almost instantly.

You Are In Control

Don’t let the electric, oil and gas companies tell you what you are going to pay to heat your home. These big corporations charge you what they want and are so unpredictable. You are in control if you heat with wood. You can purchase when prices are cheap and keep a stockpile for the next heating season.

Spend Your Dollars Local 

If you use oil, natural gas, propane or electric to heat, you are sending your hard earned dollars away to some big corporation. If you heat with wood, most likely you are spending your money with a local logger, a neighbor or a friend. 


The Best Heat with your Outdoor Wood Furnace


Wood heat is like no other. It keeps you cozy, warm on those frigid nights. The number one complaint that we hear is that consumers are scared to turn up their thermostat (even by 1 degree) when heating with electric, propane, fuel oil or natural gas because they know it is going to cost them a fortune. You don’t have to be afraid to turn up the thermostat when heating with wood in your outdoor wood furnace. In most cases you will want to turn down the thermostat.

Wood is sold by the cord and measures 4’ x 4’ x 8’. Your wood should have a moisture content of around 20%. By seasoning your wood, you will get a lot more heat out of that same dry wood then if you were burning wet (green) wood. This is because a large amount of energy (BTU'S) is used to evaporate the water out of the wood before it is burnt in our outdoor wood furnace. We recommend burning a hard wood versus a soft wood but it depends on what is available to you.