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My name is Colin Deckard from Indiana. I purchased a Crown Royal RS7300 in September of 2015 from Greentech Manufacturing. We chose to go with an outdoor boiler system after numerous winters with outrageous electric bills. We were averaging $550 a month for electric! And that was with setting the thermostat at a crisp 65 degrees. Since then we have been saving hundreds! We also use the boiler for our in house hot water, which has been another money saver. Since we have had our boiler all our electric bills have been under $150 and that's with both zones of our furnaces running at the same time at a toasty 74 degrees. I have had to contact Greentech about a couple things and their customer service has always been great for me. Won't be long for the beginning of year 3 of burning wood and saving money! Stay warm!

C. Deckard - Indiana

I work for the power company and always looking for ways to save on my electric bill. Water heater is about 30% of our electric bill. By turning the water heater off I've already seen a considerable cost savings. Looking forward to see what I'll be saving to heat my home. I currently have a heat pump. My significant other doesn't seem to mind firing up the stove when I'm away. I like the overall look of the stove, how well it's made, and where it's manufactured. Best part, the dealer (Brian Buckler) is only minutes away from my home.

S. Hott - West Virginia

My name is Todd Donaldson and I'm the director of New Life Bible Camp, Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania. We purchased our Crown Royal Stove (RS7500) in October of 2015. We heat the air and the water in a 60 bed log cabin Lodge. Prior to the Crown Royal stove, we had another wood stove. The Crown Royal stove is amazing! It has such a large firebox that even during the coldest winter nights, there is still heat in the stove in the mornings. That wasn't the case with our other stove. I love the efficiency that is built into the Crown Royal stove. With its two blower system the smoke is almost invisible and the heat stays in the firebox. I would heartily recommend anyone to purchase a Crown Royal if they want warm winters in their house. 

T. Donaldson - Pennsylvania

I love our stove. We use to have an indoor stove and I worried all the time. Now I just fill it when I clean cars in the morning and check it at night. It burns great and we use so much less wood than before. This is my grandson. He helps stack wood with us. I also like the option that I can burn coal. Best investment.

S. Horn - Pennsylvania

We installed our Crown Royal RS7400 in June of 2014. It replaces a Hardy. Three homes are heated with this stove, my home, my son's home and a two-bedroom apartment. My home is a ranch with the main floor and basement being heated, my son's home is 30 x 70 and the two-bedroom apartment. His house and the apartment are about 180 feet from the wood stove and mine is about 50 feet away. It took very little wood to heat the domestic water during the summer. Since it is colder we are using about 1/3rd less wood than with the Hardy stove. Before, when temperatures were below 20 degrees the apartment would be chilly and my son's furnace would turn on. With the Crown Royal his furnace did not turn on and the apartment remains warm even when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. We fill the wood stove around 8 pm and then check it around 9 to 10 am and there is usually some wood left in it. We just throw on a couple more pieces and it's good for the remainder of the day. I'm really glad we made the switch from the Hardy to the Crown Royal stove.

D. Graybill – Pennsylvania

My RS7300 was installed in 2008. I paid $2,300 the year before to heat my house, with propane. And this was still not warm enough to heat whole house. I pay $1,600 for 20 loggers cord, which will heat my whole house for approx. 2 years. Yes, I would recommend this product!

B. Morton – Michigan

I have had my Crown Royal Stove for 5 years now, and I am happy that I have it. The heat that comes out of my forced hot air is much warmer than it was with heating oil, and it doesn't have the same odor the heating oil did either. Every now and then I will walk away from my stove with a smile on my face just for thinking about the fact the oil man didn't get that money from me!

E. Warner – Pennsylvania

My Crown Royal stove keeps my home and work shop warm. It requires very little attention and best of all my neighbors are always letting me cut the wood for free.

M. Heilman, Virginia

I built a new home and knew from day one I was going to use an outside stove. I came across Crown Royal Stoves, and loved the features they offered over other brands. After using the stove for about four years, I know I made the right choice, it is so easy to use and doesn't burn much wood. I have friends that burn twice as much as I do with other brands of stoves. If this one ever dies I would buy another Crown Royal Stove.

Z. Baer - Pennsylvania 

I knew for about 2 years that I wanted to update my wood boiler at some point. I started my research mid summer of 2016 and started taking recommendations and comparing stoves. I compared everything from thickness of steel, steel type, water volume, efficiency ratings and overall ease of use. After a couple years of research, I came to the conclusion that Crown Royal Stoves (Greentech Manufacturing Inc.) were the most robust built, were the best of all worlds that I could find. I don't think you can go wrong with this company. They're honest, willing to answer questions and family owned. I'm happy with the purchase I made and can't wait to see what the future holds with this unit.

DJ. S - Michigan

I added a Crown Royal 7300 on my acreage to heat my house. It's set up to heat my domestic water, my in floor heat as well as my forced air. Previous to this we burned LP and would go through $1500 a year on LP. Now I burn approximately 3 cords of wood that I can have made in a weekends time. And I keep my LP as a back up if I am gone for a long weekend and for use of the cooking stove. 300 gallons lasts me over 5 years. All of my family has other wood stoves and a close friend works for a HVAC company. They are all envious of my Crown Royal Stove. Now my friend even recommends them over the previous brand he used to sell!! They are a great machine, well built and easy to maintain. Now I don't have to feel bad for keeping my house at a toasty 80 degrees through the winter! And best of all, with a full family and two bathrooms, we NEVER run out of hot water. Five stars for Crown Royal.

B. VanHorn - Iowa

My wife and I moved to northern Minnesota in June 2013. We built a 40X60 pole barn with a small apartment in it. Our plan all along was to get a wood burning boiler. We didn't get into the pole barn until late November so during our first winter our pole barn was heated solely with propane. After spending $700 a month on propane, getting a wood boiler was top priority. I did a lot of research and the Crown Royal RS7400 seemed like the best value and large enough to heat our future log cabin as well. Since we installed our wood boiler we have spent $0 on heat and save about $30 a month on electricity for the water heater.

R. Dautel - Minnesota

With our Crown Royal Stove model RS7300E we heat a 3000 square foot house. We burn on average 10 to 12 face cords of 18" wood per season. The stove will burn 15-16 hours on a full load of wood. We have hard maple, ash and cherry wood seasoned at least 1 year. There are several other brands of outdoor stoves in the area. They burn at least twice as much wood as we do. I maintain a house temp 73-75 and water temp maintained at 170-179 degrees. 

D. Johnson - New York

We have a model 7300 which is tied into our in-floor heating system and it works very well. After 45 years of dealing with all sorts of wood stoves, HS Tarm boiler, and a Heatmor outside furnace I am glad to say that I have purchased my last furnace. The generous loading door, simplicity of operation, cleaning and maintenance make the Crown Royal a pleasure to work with. A 12 hour burn is routine and even in the coldest weather here in the mountains of Virginia it is rare that I have to load more than every 10 hours. The ash pan is easy to access and empty and the large firebox holds a lot of wood. 

L. Mann - Virginia

I love my Crown Royal 7400. I have had this stove for about 4 years. I found it to be competitively priced and a quality product. I have had no issues so far and the customer service is great. 

G. Bass - New York

I purchased my Crown Royal Wood Stove in 2015. It works very well with my heat pump, since it raises the air temp quite a bit out of my heat pump or I can run it as the only source of heat, and it heats the entire house. It's a model 7300 which will accept a larger diameter and longer log than my previous wood burner which saves me some labor cutting and splitting. 

J. Hoffman - Northern KY

We have been very pleased with our Crown Royal 7400 wood burner, which we purchased in 2009 from Greentech Manufacturing. It was fairly easy to install and is very low maintenance. The burner doesn't take a large amount of wood to heat our home and water heater. Living in the mid-west, the burner is in use from approximately the beginning of November to mid-March. The types of wood available to burn are oak, elm and wild cherry. The burner needs filled once every 24 hours. Because we were spending so much on propane, the purchase of our wood burner paid for itself within 3 1/2 years. Greentech Manufacturing is a great company to deal with. They are always available to answer any questions and are prompt in sending any needed replacement parts. We highly recommend the purchase of a Crown Royal wood burner from Greentech Manufacturing. 

T & M Durdel - Illinois

I am so thrilled at leaving a review for Crown Royal Stoves! One of the things that I really enjoy about the outdoor wood boiler is the ease of use and service. I spent $2,400 for one season of propane fill, four fills of 300 gallons. When I purchased my wood, I spent $2,100 for two years of wood for my outdoor wood stove. Not only that, I can cut it and load it and it keeps my home warm in the evening with only one full load and warm in the morning with a separate full load. Crown Royal Stoves as a company was excellent to work with in terms of servicing my unit. I had a problem with the inducer fan that needed replacement. The service person over the phone was willing to work with me after hours in making sure my boiler worked right. They had to send out a new part and worked with me to make sure it fit and my satisfaction was met. Thank you again so much Crown Royal Stoves! I will be going to you for my solid fuel needs.

E. Talshahar - Minnesota

I have had a Crown Royal furnace hooked up to my house and hot water for the 2nd year now. My heating bills were cut in half and I am able to heat my house and barn cheaper then without the furnace. My house is always warm and toasty from October - April. I love my furnace. 

C. Goff - Kansas

As an owner of a Crown Royal RS7200, I can say that I am very pleased with the quality and performance of this stove. When I decided to purchase an outdoor stove, I researched every brand and model I could find for over two years. After seeing many stoves in person, I decided on the Crown Royal RS7200. I operate this stove nearly year-round and I am impressed with how well it performs in both warm and cold weather. One thing that stands out is how clean burning this stove is when you fine tune the blower speed for the upper air tube. I have also been very happy with the customer service I have received with Crown Royal Stoves. They are very knowledgeable, they helped me throughout my installation and they answered all my technical questions. It has been an overall great experience and I highly recommend Crown Royal Stoves.

K. Mazuelos – Virgina

Heats like no other. I cannot believe how my Crown Royal wood boiler heats. I have never been more satisfied with a boiler and how well it performs. It is easy to use and burns way less wood than any other boiler I have owned. I made the right choice.

Matt K – Ohio

I bought the RS7500 and I’m amazed at how much I can heat now. I used to spend $20,000 per year heating my business. Now I am heating my business for $4,000 and have 20,000 square feet. I am impressed with the stove and company!

Z. Reese - Wisconsin

I live in Mississippi and owned a Hardy before I purchased a Crown Royal. The Hardy was nicknamed the "wood eater" because of the wood it consumed. I was at a farm show in Ohio and saw a Crown Royal Stove on display. I asked the sales rep. why I should go with a Crown over a Hardy. His response was, it burns less wood. After contemplating, I decided to go with the Crown, and true to the sales rep's word, it burns about 25% less wood. Customer service is also better than Hardy. After installation, I had a few questions, called Crown Royal Stoves, and the customer service rep was more than helpful. I've had the Crown for 2 years, and have had no problems. I am very pleased!!

K. Woodson – Mississippi

I recently upgraded to the RS7300E from a different manufactures stove and all I have to say is I am amazed. This thing is saving me a ton of firewood and on the plus side less wood cutting. I am extremely impressed with this stove and the company. I would check them out and do your research with other manufactures before buying. Crown Royal Stoves and Greentech Manufacturing were very professional to work with.

Jared D. - Ohio

Before purchasing my Crown Royal Stove I called around to different manufactures (all of them giving me their sales pitch). But Crown Royal Stoves was different and no pressure. They seemed much more genuine than the other manufactures I talked with. Now, I have had my stove going on 5 years now and it has paid for itself twice! I have received great customer service directly from the manufacture which is very rare these days. I would highly recommend Crown Royal Stoves. Especially after the last disaster I went through with a different manufacture. Make sure to actually call these manufactures before buying. A lot of them blow you off. Not Crown Royal Stoves.

Doug R - Pennsylvania

My stove is a 1996 RS7400, and other than a couple blowers and one control the stove is great. I started treating my water the first year I got.the stove and use chemical every year. The stove has saved me around $5000 a year in propane. Love the stove and may replace it with their RS7400E in the future.

Ryan K. - Missouri

After having my second outdoor boiler for 5 years made by Mahoning and not liking the amount of wood it used and holding my breath as it showered sparks out the stack because the design was very poor, I started looking at new ones. At the Pennsylvania Sportsman Show I looked at several different outdoor boilers and the one I liked was a Crown Royal Stoves. The design made sense to me. I decided to purchase the model RS7300 and replace the Mahoning. I began by counting the amount of wood I was using in the Mahoning, on average was 16 pieces per fill. That was every 12 hours. I installed the Crown Royal towards the end of February and yes it was cold. I started a fire in it put the first load in of approximately 7 pieces of wood and 45 minutes later the boiler was up to temperature. I was totally amazed! That would have been a several hour struggle and several loads of wood in the Mahoning. Since the install my wood use has been cut to about in half, and I like it. On days that are in the 30's it will go 24 hours without worry where the old one would have needed wood at 12 hours. Unbelievable difference. This was a sound investment and I would purchase another one for sure. I like the quality of the Crown Royal, it is put together well.

T. Lavery - Pennsylvania

The craftsmanship of the stove is excellent. I purchased this stove five years ago and have been completely satisfied. I heat a 1900 square foot house, a 1600 square foot garage with an apartment on top and burn about six to eight cords a year. I hope this stove lasts a long time, I would definitely purchase another Crown Royal Stove.

Mike B – Pennsylvania

This was one of the best things I have ever done. I had no problems. It was easy to work and works great!

M. Mumm – Wisconsin

After nearly 4 years of study, talking to owners (all brands), research, and countless hours of viewing boilers in operation first hand, we decided Green Tech Crown Royals were the best option we could find on the market. However, on a tight farmer's budget and a wife that was extremely skeptical about spending our money anywhere, we decided to make a 14 hour trip from Indiana to Green Tech. This was set up for us by a dealer in Traverse City, Michigan, named Larry Street . What an amazing trip this was. Ryan and the crew at Green Tech gave us a day long personal tour and showed us each step of their process to building these state of the art boilers. After seeing that they heat their own factory with these and a lunch trip to Ryan's own home to see he uses his own product, my wife decided walking on these heated floors was pretty close to a heavenly experience! Miss Skeptical decided we should buy a bigger unit than we had planned on and not only heat our 1800 square foot home with one but the farm shop 5600 square feet with 22' ceilings, and a 1400 square foot apartment off of the shop. Now I was a little apprehensive but we wrote the check, loaded our stove and every component needed to install it and headed back to Indiana. We both agree this is the best money we have ever spent, ever! Our home is so warm and comfortable now! Our shop has friends, family, neighbors, and even the local school basketball teams (practices)in it every day because of the amazing comfort of having warm floors in the dead of winter. Needless to say, we are honestly shocked at how easy it was to install ourselves and the results being better than we ever imagined. When you're lying on the floor working, you're warm, your tools are warm, snow melts off fast and the floors dry themselves. We actually have people that stop in at the shop now on cold and wet days and just sit and visit due to the comfort of this heat. We bought a couple old church pews because we ran out of 5 gallon buckets for seating! LOL We have a couple neighbors who had wood boilers before us and just heat their homes off them. We are heating the house, apartment, and shop and we are using 1/3 the wood a week that they use to just heat their home. 1 has already sold his old competitor boiler and is going to make the switch to the boiler we have. The other is in the process of trying to sell his with the intent on getting an RS7400 himself. We are not even close to using all our BTU's available so we are now hooking up to heat our hot water for personal use as well. A calf barn with a heated floor and a grain bin with a drying system off the boiler are now in the planning stages as well. Basically, we are burning wood that we have each year from cleaning fence rows around the farm. We used to pile it and have brush piles to have to burn off. Now we are heating everything for free with the same amount of work we were already doing. This is plain common sense not rocket science. Unit is saving money, more than we even thought. We will never be without this heat. When we go visit people at their places we are cold now and honestly can't wait to get back home to our comfort. Our furniture will last forever cause we usually watch TV from the floor (heating pad) now! Only one problem we have had. The guy that helps me dos repairs in the shop and myself have to work together now, because when you crawl under a truck or tractor to work there is no way you can stay awake unless you have company! The floor is really that nice to work on!

M. Babb. - Indiana

Couldn't be happier with my Crown Royal Stove, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Truly is a great piece of equipment. 

B. Leerkes - Willsboro, NY

We have had our Crown Royal Stove for 5 or 6 years and this thing is built tough. It burns way less wood than my CB that I had. Would recommend to everyone.

G. Dillworth - Indiana

Twelve years on this stove and going strong. Easy to use. I heat 5,000 square feet and domestic hot water for 3 families. I have had other brands and this is the best.

TT - New York

We purchased a Crown Royal Stove RS7300 almost 6 years ago and it has never let us down. It heats a 4,000 square foot log home. We have radiant heat and the heater also heats our domestic water. It is efficient and a money saver. We burn coal versus wood due to living in Pennsylvania coal country. On cold frigid nights we are warm and toasty. Best investment ever!

L. Dunmeyer

We have used the Crown Royal Stove for 12 years in West Virginia burning coal. We are heating 4200 square feet, one house and two garages. Love the stove with no problems. I would recommend to friends and family!

Darren - WV

I have owned three stoves so far, and this is the best one. It is an RS7300, around 4 years old. I burn a mix of wood and coal. We did go through a blower the first year but it was under warranty. Other than that, it has been great.

Richard - WV

Me and my family have 6 stoves from Crown Royal. We have had zero problems and great service so far!

Andy - MN

We bought the RS7300 stove March 2013 and have been using the stove since. Heats my house and garage. We have been very pleased with it. We would recommend this stove.

M & S Bonney - Pennsylvania

I have been running commercial boilers for 35 years, I have also been heating water with wood at home for the same amount of years. As for my purchase of the Crown Royal model 7300 this is my second year of operation. I spent a lot of time researching my new purchase and to date could not be happier. It is everything I thought it would be.

K. Johnson – Minnesota

I have had my wood stove for 9 years. I like the big door because I get some big pieces of wood and don't split them. The round burn chamber keeps the inside clean and easy to clean out. The shaker grates and ash pan work very well. Wish I'd bought a bigger one; I am heating the house, hot water and small work shop. I would by the same brand again.

D Heine – Indiana

I live in Mississippi, 60 miles from where the Hardy Furnace is manufactured. I replaced my Hardy H2 with the Crown Royal RS 7300. Before buying a Crown stove, I read all the reviews and contacted Greentech about the negative reviews. The person I spoke with explained the past issues and how they had corrected them. I explained to the Crown sales rep that I currently own a Hardy and was considering going back with a Hardy. He was very professional and explained to me that Hardy has a well built stove, but it consumes more wood than the Crown. So, I went with the Crown Royal. I sent the water sample in within a week of installation and never received the results. So I contacted Greentech, and they emailed me the results. Everyone that I have dealt with at Greetech has been more than helpful. I can honestly say that the Crown stove burns about a third less wood than the Hardy, and the customer service, so far, has been way better than Hardy.

K. Woodson - Missouri

They have by far the best outdoor wood stoves/boilers I have ever seen. The company personnel are very helpful and knowledgeable about the industry. Their EPA-qualified stove the RS7400 has saved me at least 50% less wood than the old Taylor stove I had before!

J Strandlund – Minnesota

I built a very large house with the intent to install an outdoor wood burner due to the high cost of oil. Oil prices were really using a lot of my income for the 6 months of winter in western Pennsylvania. Growing up I always had an indoor wood burner that worked excellent but my house would be to large for an indoor unit and I wanted to keep the mess outside. Since installation of the Crown Royal Stove I have only spent $200 for coal and some work for wood every year. There is a small increase in electricity due to the continuous pump, compared to a thousand to two thousand dollars a winter for oil. We now do not have to constantly watch the thermostat, I always worried about the consumption of oil. We basically can turn the thermostat to what we desire. I am still getting to know the unit, how much coal do I put in? How much wood do I put in? Compared to the outside temperature. What temperature to I set the unit at? When to shovel out the ashes? Every day I figure out more about the unit and the work becomes less and the efficiency increases.

D. Shoemaker – Pennsylvania

We have owned our Crown Royal RS7200 for over 7 years now and it still performs as expected. Six of those years it burned 12 months a year heating our hot water all summer. When we were searching for a stove we loved the idea of multi fuel capability. We have burned both wood and coal and are very satisfied with the performance of both. We have had a couple minor issues with the stove but nothing to have to shut it down for a long period of time. The company had no problem stepping up to the task of getting someone here to fix it and standing behind their product. The only thing we would change about our decision to buy a Crown Royal would have been to buy one of the larger models to be able to put more wood in it at a time. All in all we are very satisfied with the performance of the stove and the customer service Crown Royal has provided. Would buy another one without any hesitation.

K Haynes – Pennsylvania

We compared a lot of burners. This has the 409 stainless steel, the R30 insulation in the walls and the R30 in the roof, which were certainly important factors, but it was the 500,000 BTU capacity plus the 620 gallons of water and most importantly the secondary air feature that sealed the deal. We found bigger ones, but not with secondary air. We needed something with enough capacity for the multiple uses we put it to, and we want as clean burning and efficient a unit as possible. I hope you come back in 20 years and ask me how I like it then!

S Fiske – Massachusetts

Prior to using our Crown Royal Stove, our winter heating cost ran approximately $600 per month, November through March, or about $3000 for the winter heating season. Last year was the first full season of using the Crown Royal Stove and our heating bill for the entire season was under $100 as the wood needed is on my property. That is one awesome savings!

Ralph - Pembroke, NH

I received my stove last week. It is now up and running. I am in total love. I stay cold due to medications. I can say, not any more. The people were wonderful to work with and talked us through any issue with a solution at the end of the conversation. The friend who helped install the stove has a different brand, older stove, after seeing how well this stove is made, he may be purchasing one soon. So awesome!!

J. Aycock – North Carolina

I am very happy with my stove. Recently purchased a RS7300 coal indoor boiler. Installed in November after owning 3 Aquatherms in the last 20 years. I now finally own an exceptional boiler. Easy to fire controls work well love the ash pan. I now can burn coal and wood. Average refill time every 12 hours. Very little smoke when firing. Stove has burned cleaner than any Aquatherm I have ever owned.

M. Dionne – Wisconsin

Regardless of what other stoves claim I know for a fact that the Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Stove uses less wood to heat my home and work shop than other stoves do. I have had other stoves in the past years and have seen first hand what other brands of stoves heating almost the exact same square footage that I heat burn. We are in one if the coldest winters on record and yet my 12 cord pile is hardly dented and it is January twenty third!!I Think you would have to kill me to get my Crown Royal Stove away from me!!!!! The staff at Int'l Falls is so helpful in answering any questions that come up. I recommend this stove to everyone and that's no brag, just fact!

T. Havlicek - Wisconsin

I bought this unit approximately 2.5 years ago. I have owned several other brands before and nothing compares to this stove to date. It has saved me thousands of dollars in heating bills. It is easy to run and maintain and I received excellent service from my dealer and the manufacturer. You have to use their chemical in order to get warranty, but I haven't had a problem. I am assuming the bad reviews on this stove are because of not using chemical and testing the water. All is I have to say this is the best stove I have ever used. Don't read the reviews. Give it a try! You will not regret it!!

H. Phillips

I have had a Crown Royal Stove for 7 years, it is a RS7400. The stove has paid for itself in the first 4 years and has now saved me thousands of dollars. I have had to replace one blower, my dealer has always been very helpful and stocks all parts for the stoves. My son just installed his RS7300 Crown Royal this year and also loves it. I would highly recommend this stove!

Paul – Alaska

I've had the Crown Royal RS7400E for about 2 years now. I like the fact that it comes with a water level indicator, an extra-large loading firebox, and a long burn time. It's also backed with a 20-year manufacturer warranty, which is very useful. I honestly have no complaints, I've never had to repair it and I like all the features it comes with. I would definitely buy this brand again.

Raleigh NC

We have had our wood furnace for almost 2 years now. We live in a wooded area and have friends that cut down trees for a living so we get a lot of free firewood. Its nice to be able to have the house at such a warm temperature through our long north-eastern winters. We dislike how locals are fighting the use of our furnace, because it saves us so much money. We had to add a stack to it last fall, because of a neighbor’s complaint of dust in her house. Other than that, we have had no problems. We have recommended this brand to friends, and one of them has already purchased it for their own home. My family just can't beat the cost saving benefits own owning an outdoor wood burning furnace, and ours is the perfect size for our home. Plus, we can’t beat the customer service, any time we have a question someone calls us back within a day, or comes out to the house within a week.

Hadlyme, CT

I’ve had my Crown Royal unit for over three seasons so far. The unit is easy to maintain and very easy to use. My family loves the fact that the heater is so attractive and reliable. The unit is so easy to use that even our teenagers are capable of loading and using the unit without supervision. We bought the unit with thoughts of never allowing the kids to get near it. In the winter time the children often have friends over and for sanity reasons we all insist they go outside. The only downside of the unit is the initial cash output. However, once the heater is used we've found the unit is worth its weight in gold. It’s never been in need of repair or parts replacement. The outside does however seem to attract leaves in the fall which are easily hosed away with water. We would surely buy another unit if we were in the market. We have recommended the heater to many of our friends and family.

Clemmons, NC