Outdoor Furnace Videos

Get to know the Crown Royal Stoves Indoor / Outdoor Furnaces a little bit better through these videos.

Pristine Gasification Series
Outdoor Wood Furnace Secondary Combustion Chamber

A look at how our outdoor wood furnace's secondary combustion chamber works. Exhaust gases from the firebox are injected with air to achieve temperatures up to 2,300°F and 99% fuel combustion.

Biosmass Wood Chip Boiler BIO950 Firebox

The firebox of the Commercial Biomass Boiler BIO950 burning wood chip.

Rolling Process
Outdoor Furnace RS7500MP Water Jacket

Ever wonder how we make a round water jacket for our outdoor furnaces? Here's a timelapse video of how we take a flat sheet of 409 stainless steel and prep it for welding.

Crown Royal Stoves
Indoor / Outdoor Furnaces

When it comes to manufacturing outdoor wood furnaces we are constantly "Pushing the Limits of what is Possible".

Crown Royal Stoves Turbo Draft System

The Turbo Draft System makes our outdoor furnace models burn a cleaner and more efficiently inside the firebox. Secondary gases are burned before escaping through the furnace chimney.